Constructing a building, regardless of its nature, is not a simple task. At LCA Group, our experienced consulting team will guide you through the process. We offer quality electrical engineering services for your building projects of all sizes.

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Our consulting engineering expertise is available to everyone, from individuals to large companies. Whether you are in real estate development, commerce, business or entrepreneurship, we welcome your projects and take on your challenges.

No matter how big or small the job, we always pay attention to little details all while respecting your needs.


Collaboration with all other professionals

From the beginning to the end of the project, we ensure coordination between the various disciplines in order to work efficiently. All work is produced in close collaboration with the electrical engineers.We carry out the design of plans and specifications for:

Fire and intrusion alarm systems
Electrical distribution
Street lighting
Integration of public utilities
Solar panels
Urban technical networks


Larouche Campeau et Associés offers unparalleled expertise in electrical engineering services. Through its professionals with a multitude of years of experience, the LCA Group can offer complementary services such as project management, layout, systems design and construction management.

Together, these seasoned engineers provide project management and system design while directing the work of a skilled team in support and drafting.

Teamwork and trust are fundamental values at our company. We ensure clear communication between all parties involved in our projects, including the client.

We analyze the client’s needs in detail in order to offer the best possible service.

We offer you projects that meet your expectations while respecting your budget. Excellence is always the order of the day, from electrical plans for a kitchen renovation permit to electrical distribution in a factory.


We have more than one string to our bow, from apartment buildings (condominiums and apartment blocks) to schools and hospitals, as well as commercial premises of all kinds.
Our versatility allows us to work in various sectors while maintaining our high standard of quality in all our interventions.

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